Saturday, September 25, 2010

Google Blogger Essential Training Mediafire links

Google Blogger Essential Training | Size: 310 MB
Blogger Essential Training with Molly E. Holzschlag is a movie-based workshop for audiences new to blogging and to the newly revamped Blogger weblog service, a free service from Google. Begin by learning what blogs are and the various ways they can be used. You'll quickly get into setting up your weblog, adding specialty features such as comment systems and news-feeds, working with and customizing templates, and even creating team blogs and audio blogs. The included exercise files, articles, and resources enhance the title, allowing you to follow along with the movies and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • What's a blog, really?
  • Setting up your account
  • Setting up Blogger comments
  • Posting, editing, and modifying posts
  • Exploring archives
  • Syndication feeds and email features
  • Putting your blog to work
  • Team blogging and multiple blogs
  • Getting daring with your blog
  • A new trend: audioblogging
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