Saturday, September 25, 2010

ProShow Workshop: Working With Layers

Learn the fundamentals of creating stunning effects using multiple layers in ProShow. Designed for: ProShow Gold & Producer Users


Priming The Canvas (10:36)
Learn why it's helpful to do a little preliminary setup in ProShow before adding content to your slide show presentations.
Watch a Sample Video: Presenter Version | YouTube Version

Adding Layers To Your Show (7:49)
Get the scoop on which file types you can import as layers and the various ways you can bring them into your shows.

Layer Sizing & Positioning (9:18)
Learn how to resize and position layers while also getting acquainted with the different preview modes you can use.

Editing Your Layers (19:50)
Optimize your layers with non-destructive editing tools designed to save you time and enhance your show content.
Watch a Sample Video: Presenter Version | YouTube Version

Adding Depth To Layers (19:08)
Get ideas on how you can use borders, outlines and image transparency to add an exciting 3D feel to your layouts.

Layers In Motion (13:15)
Enhance a multi-layered photo arrangement with matched motion effects. Then, explore mixing motion with transparency.

Layers of Possibilities (15:04)
Achieve a simple elegance with photo borders, spark your creativity with another round of layouts using transparency, then finish with an exciting photo explosion effect.

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