Saturday, September 25, 2010

ProShow Workshop: Exploring Layer Keyframing

Learn Keyframing basics and how to create advanced Motion Effects, Adjustment Effects and more.

Designed for: ProShow Producer Users


Keyframes: What and Why? (12:48)
Explore the history and concepts behind keyframing. Watch examples of how keyframing applies to Producer.

Using The Keyframe Timeline (7:11)
Become familiar with accessing the keyframe timeline and using its controls to achieve the results you want.

Exploring The Motion Settings (6:17)
Explore all of the options available in the Motion tab and learn how they work together to create motion effects.

Motion Using Two Keyframes (7:54)
Create several examples of basic motion effects that can be achieved using just two keyframes.

Motion Using Many Keyframes (7:32)
Sharpen your keyframing skills by creating an advanced motion effect for an image layer using many keyframes.

Making Motion Magic (17:04)
Graduate to creating this final, challenging effect in which you'll combine layers, keyframing and time-saving shortcuts.

Exploring The Effects Settings (4:21)
Explore the variety of tools you can use in Producer to create adjustment effects using keyframing and when to use them.

One Effect, Many Keyframes (4:37)
Learn the basics of using effects keyframing in this example in which you'll create the popular "black and white to color" effect.

A Flashy Favorite (13:11)
So you're now a keyframing expert? Put it to the test in this fun, exciting example that combines both motion & adjustment effects.

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